Pagos de Matanegra is a small wineyard located in the heart and soul of Ribera del Duero, born out from a new generation of author´s vineyards.

We worship good wine. Only one goal guides our passion: to create the best wine that you could wish for.

When you open a wine from Pagos de Mantanegra, you’re not just pouring yourself a glass of one of the most extraordinary wines from the winegrowing valley of Ribera del Duero, you’re also seeing the soul that went into making it. In each bottle, we put our heart, wisdom, and most of all, our enthusiasm.

Mr. José Luis Escudero and Mr. Cesar Martín, owners of Pagos of Matanegra Wineyard, produce these gourmet wines from their very own vineyards from Ribera del Duero, with biodynamics growing practice with Winter and green pruning by moon cycles, Our wineyard. The total anual production is 70.000 kgs of Tempranillo variety grape (100%)