la uva

The wines from Bodega de Pagos owe their full-bodied flavour to the strains. Our vineyards have been passed down generation after generation and looked after with with care and passion. Our high quality grape is the best asset that a parent can bequeath to their children. And these to their own, they constitute the soul of this winery in the Ribera de Duero.

Our wine grapes are looked after slowly and patiently day after day. Thanks to the experience inheritied from our ancestors, we evolve with the conviction of doing things well. Pagos de Matanegra is a small winery with a limited wine production. Only in this way we can control the evolution of the wine, with the required care attention.

Our wine grapes, Tempranillo is a variety of black grape which is 80 years old. Our vineyards are on average 60 years old with 30% of Young vines being over 80 years. These are the reason of our best kept secret.

Introduction and technical datasheet:

  • Own vineyards: 35 number of hectares
  • Technique: Biodynamic agriculture
  • Pruning types: Cane and cordon Moon cycle
  • Grape Variety: 100% Tempranillo
  • Weather: Continental climate
  • Capacity of cellar: 70.000 litres.