el secreto

The vines at Pagos de Maganegra´s Vineyard grow out limiting the number of clusters and selecting them carefully, as this is an ingredient that defines the quality of our wine. At the same time. we put special emphasis on knowing, at any time and accurately, the evolution of all the parameters that define a great vintage of our wines from Ribera del Duero.

What is special about the wines of Bodega Matanegra Payments? The comprehensive monitoring of rainfall, analysis of soil, biodynamic, moon cycles, hours of sun, water stress, they are a small sample of the parameters that are recorded daily and analyzed for perfect monitoring of our vineyards.


  • Grape Harvest: Hand picking, 15kgs Wood boxes
  • Seleccion table
  • Fermentation : 8 days at 10 CºDegrees
  • Primary fermentation of 6 days
  • Maturation Cellar: French Oak Barrels (L’Adour, Rousseau, Radoux)
  • We Rack our wines every 4 months in cold and sunny days, with waning moon
  • Sulphites: Organical
  • Clarification and filtered: Very Gently